Latenight Writing

June 23, 2010
By mthgld411 BRONZE, North Hills, California
mthgld411 BRONZE, North Hills, California
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Meaning has lost its taste
The implication was there to be made
Now we stand in a rode of one lane
Extending our arms to either side
We spun and spun
Till our feet no longer touch the ground
Looking up we see a figure
Of name we have forgot
If only we could reach and touch
One step closer and we would be found
But neither takes a step
Oh you fiend of many names!
How dare you break my pace!
We have faith but it’s impaired
Bubbling exhaustion
Can only harm another day
Running harder to stay ahead
The shadows now reaching through
How simply we are made fools
The road is becoming crowded
The flame is about to give out
Looking up we see a face
Will it be calling out our fate?

The author's comments:
I've been dealing with alot and yes this is a heart broken poem but it has soemthing more to it than just the simple breakup poem.

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on Jul. 24 2010 at 12:34 pm
origamifrogs BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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I enjoyed the words you used, very creative, but halfway through the poem you changed tenses, which was distracting. This poem was a bit confusing but alright overall.

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