The Lion and the Mouse

June 23, 2010
By pinkslm30 SILVER, Crystal Lake, Illinois
pinkslm30 SILVER, Crystal Lake, Illinois
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Strong, magnificent, powerful,
The water is calm.
Smooth and silent,
Golden sun reflects,
Warm and bright.
A small boat bobs around,
Unaware of the danger which lurks.
The swells of water ripple,
And the boatmen become wary
Of the hunter.
Stalking closer,
Speed picks up.
Waves lick the vessel,
As if taunting prey.
With a ferocious roar,
With wind picks up,
The water becomes choppier,
And the golden glory is replaced with fierce hostility.
Strong, proud, the ocean swells,
Claws of whitecaps snatch at the boat
Playfully, spinning it about in turbulence.
All too quickly, the ship is swallowed
By water,
Down, down, down,
To the depths of the sea.
Mockingly, the water settles,
Calmly lapping away,
Satisfied with it’s game
Of death.

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