Forever By the Sea

June 23, 2010
By pinkslm30 SILVER, Crystal Lake, Illinois
pinkslm30 SILVER, Crystal Lake, Illinois
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Here I lie, peacefully sleeping.
My life treated me well, and so my soul is content,
For I lived comfortably, in the seashore cottage,
With the swooshing sound of waves, ever present.
My husband was a loving, caring, man,
And our three children were sweet little things.
Such was the way I grew old,
With the constant lapping waters,
And the occasional cry of a gull.
My life was serene, restful.
True, I was never called great, or well accomplished,
And we were by no means wealthy,
But it was a good life, nonetheless,
A simple, contented life.
Others may call my life a waste,
Although it was all I ever wanted,
Or scoff and scorn that I was worthless,
But they lie tossing and turning beneath their headstones,
Full of remorse and regret,
While I sleep here tranquilly, content in my eternal home.

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