Until We Break

June 30, 2010
Until we break
The spirit will burn
Within our guilt
Within our flame

Checkered with sickness
My degenerate heart yearns for a touch
That has been taken away
Torn from my eyes
Sent to the bottom of the sea
To revel in our cries of ecstasy
And it screams
Just like you and me
Being ripped apart at the seems

Face down in the pavement
Blood stains all around
As my gaze is being pulled to the floor
But I remain

This silence is disparaging
Carved out from the inside
Desolate gaze and vacant of voice
Grind the stars into dust
And let them fall into your eyes
So you never see my face again

At the end of every night
There is atonement
But there is a light inside of me
That I fear will never be brought back to life
If only you could see
This sad countenance
You would understand
How I fear that I will never be brought back to life

You left here in darkness
And now that is all I see
The deep ether of my downward sight

Light is when I expect you home
But somehow, this rapture you spoke of,
I don't think it is coming with you

There is a wish
That is kept close to the surface
And that is to wake up
On the bottom of the ocean floor
Overwhelmed with the pressure
Of a world not of my own

And so, until we break
The spirit will burn
Within our guilt
Within our fla

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Felicia said...
Jul. 24, 2010 at 3:39 pm
im curiose about something...what does the tittle mean exactly?
AlexTraxinger replied...
Jul. 24, 2010 at 10:01 pm
"until we break" is basically "until we die."  the poem is basically about people living with sins and demons they can't purge.  does that make sense?  and the last line is supposed to say "within our flame."  it got cut off somehow. 
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