Two Dead Boys

June 30, 2010
Once upon a time
There were these two dead boys
Born from a mother
Who made the very worst choice
She gave birth in a hospital
But she ran away
Because she couldn't take all the noise

They were placed in a box
Since no one would take them in
One look at their faces
And you could see the dirty sin
So they waited on the street corner
Day in and day out
Waiting for their mother to come back again

Now these two boys are older
All grown up with red eyes
Because no one was there
When they were younger
To wipe away their tears when they cried
And they will never understand why
God spoon-fed them
This fear

Sometimes the rain pours down
And these two dead boys
They are still at that same corner
Waiting for their mother to come home
Wondering if she is still alive
They stand as oscillate as stone
The sky pressing down on their shoulders

Maybe she is just a block away
Waiting to embrace her two dead boys
Waiting to take back that terrible choice
Waiting to hand over her voice
Maybe she is just a block away
Just a minute away
From giving birth again
To these two dead boys

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Felicia said...
Jul. 24, 2010 at 3:50 pm
where is it that these poems come from? they are so deep and meaningfull. are they based of something or do they just come to you like a story in your mind?
AlexTraxinger replied...
Jul. 24, 2010 at 9:53 pm
some of my poems are simply based on emotions.  other times, i watch a movie or read a book, and end up getting really absorbed into another character and end up writing about another life or from someone else's perspective... thank you so much for commenting!  :)
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