Same Story

June 30, 2010
By RoanneL SILVER, Comox, Other
RoanneL SILVER, Comox, Other
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Forgetting all the memories
Of this ever growing disaster
They’re all that’s left of who we used to be
We keep running faster and faster
Away from the things we left behind
Whispering hopes as we scream lies
To drown out the sound of voices
Calling for out for us in surprise
Shooting down our dreams
As we race by them into time
We think our thoughts
Were never worth a dime
There’s almost nothing left
Even the faintest sense of reason
Faded into the night
Replaced by anger and treason
How long will this go on?
Our shaky hands continue
Breaking the last bonds we share
It’s my turn to break the ties with you
We’ve been running in circles
Mistakes make us let go
The same story on repeat
With an ending we’ll never know

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