Standing at the Corner

June 30, 2010
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I stood at the corner of everywhere and nowhere,
Looked for some signs to shine like lights through the mist.
I am here, but tell me where to go,
I have tiptoed, but teach me to make noise.

For those signs never shone a path,
Instead the wet pavement was like a mirror,
As I stood and watched the memories, flowing below my feet.

You told me that, if anything,
I could depend on the sun to set.
Those whispered words I will never forget.

Now I know that shadows of an ending
Do not stay unseen in the crowded corners of our minds.
Once all I wanted was to return to that time,
When all I knew seemed as certain as the morning after night.

But in endings, a new sun may rise the next day,
Shining down on our common course, lighting a new way.
Understanding this, dress me in the colors of change
And wrap me in the envelopes of uncertainty.
For only in this way can a life be lived.

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