Do you love me?

June 20, 2010
By TuxedoStrawberry BRONZE, Campbell, California
TuxedoStrawberry BRONZE, Campbell, California
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Measure life in love <3

I asked him "Do you love me?" too many times
I promised myself I would say it
struggling to define the way we used to be
it's no use
you pulled me aside
my heart was pounding
my mind racing
is it what I think?
you ask can we stay friends?
punch to the face.
dreams, crushed
thoughts, stopped
friends, stare
I, respond,
I turn,
"we still cool?"
I freeze, nod, tears already streaming down
walking home, explaining
pouring rain is in my mind,
memories of how we used to be, cloud my mind
remembering that day
those words
that tree
the chain of events before
how beautiful it was, if we could flip it upside down,
swap the words for new ones.
its strange how so much feeling built up can be knocked down with one phrase
I don't like you the way you love me.
times change.
people mature
life moves on
but memories remain.
I still love you.
after all that,
do you love me?

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this article by a true story. You do the math,

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