Conversation Between me and Van Gigh's Gallery

June 20, 2010
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“Let me just sit and usurp you, haven’t felt right for a while.”
“Come along, sit down my child.”
Would you call me tame, would you call me wild?”
“I’d only call you child.”
“Do you ever grow stale from waiting around?”
"At times I still astound.”
“Are starry nights still the darkest blue?”
“It’s true.”
“Are men still mad for notoriety?”
“Just look at me.”
“Do sunflowers still shine light in between shadowy smiles?”
“Sit next to one for a while.”
“Does the well fed soul ever get old?”
“It succumbs to sleep near the end, as I’m told.”
“So why do we feed it if it all ends the same?”
“To come out a bit fuller than you came.”

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