A Beautiful World

June 20, 2010
A beautiful world awaits you and me.
An island of paradise or land of the free.
A place where dinosaurs still roam,
and a fairy sleeps in her flower home.
Where mermaids swim in teh ocean blue,
and fair maidens are rescued by knights so true.
Gypsy's and Gremlins dance 'til dawn.
Tiny Leprechauns wake with a yawn.
Little girls grow with a bite of bread.
People run from Ogres, tremblign with dread.
Talking flowers, talking trees,
a wind that whispers with the leaves.
Cute bunnies, and squirrels too,
have little towns like people do!
Clashes of swords ring through the night,
and dragons bear warriors in flight.
An evil wizard who hoards all the gold,
a courageous peasant, whose love's untold.
These places are open for all who come,
You're never too old and you're never too young.
You may go there be it day or night,
you're almost there, your goal is in sight!
So please, just take a minute to look.
Sit down, and read a book.

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DIPTRIX said...
Mar. 30, 2011 at 7:39 am
hey nic imagination.....
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