What Happened!!

June 20, 2010
By Thornedheart GOLD, Manvel, Texas
Thornedheart GOLD, Manvel, Texas
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My hand swirls into a small ball
Weaving and whirling starting to cut all
Blood drips down my eyes
Breathing becomes a gasp
My mind starts to crash
Veins bursting into flames
Fingers swell into a bell
Cheeks bursts and makes me curse
Head bubbles and unleashes spells
Lips pursing tightly shut
Stomach setting up to erupt
Toes growing up to my nose
Ears starting to grow sharp
What is happening to me
Am i dieing or just lieing
Is this a dream or a gleam
I feel all this pain
Who is to blame
Oh wait this has to be a dream
Who knows but im ready to scream
Goodbye and farewell i say as drift back into the real world
Except i'm not drifting this is for real
I panic more and more my heart starts to soar
There's no way to calm down
Only to make sound and pound out of bound
I walk up to the mirror and see something that is no longer me
I'm some whacked up elf
How odd is this
I puke in the sink
And try to blink
Nothing changes and my mind rearranges
I look like Zelda or something
Mixed emotions plaster throughout me
And the weird thing is i can see all this in my face expression
Being an elf may not be so bad so im not gonna be sad only glad for what i have
For what you have is for what you should be glad

The author's comments:
Be glad for what you have while you still have it.

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