The Game of Death

June 19, 2010
The sun fell below the horizon,
a dark blanket in it's wake,
that not even sparks of light could shine through.
The rain came down steadily
as cold nostalgia filled the room.
The tick-tock of the wall clock
seemed to quitely slow
until silence became the only sound.
Tell me, does it hurt to be overtaken by silence
or is it peaceful like a dove
that slowly flies over the water
and settles softly on the cove?
Tell me, how loud is silence?
Does it scream in your ear?
Or whisper quite eerily
and make your body shiver?
Tell me, will i know when silence is after me?
Will I feel it in my bones?
Like a sixth sense or telepathy.
Or will it come unexpectedly?
Questions race through your head,
as silence breathes down your back.
And then all at once,
your mind goes quiet.
Silence has attacked.

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