In A Heartbeat

June 19, 2010
if i could sing you a song
that the whole world could hear,
with notes that flow into one another
like the gentle waves of the creek
or a soft subtle breeze
to show how much i love you
then i would,
in a hearbeat.
if i could paint you a picture
on a canvas beneath the night sky
your eyes would be mistaken
for the glimmering stars
that fill the fathomless skies.
your smile would be the brightest one
that guides the travelers through the night,
like the way you guide me through
the maze of life.
if i could write you a poem
with the grace and ease
of a soft-white dove
in the serenity
of a cloud filled sky
on a bright spring day
with all the words that i want to say
then i would,
in a heartbeat.

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