Don Jaun

July 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Ready, set, don’t go
My love for you was no show
I’ve heard a story
Of your reputation
Some people call you the master
Of always saying sorry

But all I know
Is I’m drawn to you
You’re the magnet
I’m the metal
And maybe dreams
Do come true

You slowly enter my heart
And you make it skip a beat
Your eyes are on fire
And I’m enjoying you body heat

In the dimness of the night
All I see is you as my light
Then you turn and darkness all over again
Because for you this was just a game

You enjoy breaking hearts
You cherish the grief in my eyes
I start to weep quietly and hard

I look up
Only to see you
Walking in your mysterious way
You touch my cheek
Wipe my tear away

You wrap your arm around me
And hug me very tight
I look into your eyes
For and explanation
And you answer my
With a passionate kiss

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