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June 30, 2010
By jayme haines BRONZE, Oxford, Michigan
jayme haines BRONZE, Oxford, Michigan
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I’m like a flower blooming from the bright snowy winter.
I’m like a bumble bee buzzing free from the world.
I’m like a sun hiding behind the clouds.
I’m like a peanut butter and jelly not so perfectly made.
I’m like a pen writing a poem not knowing the words flowing.
I’m like a baby whining my way through.
I’m like a sour patch kids sweet then sour.
I’m like a dog seeing everything in black and white.
I’m like a movie going by a script.
I’m like a teddy bear loves to be hugged.
I’m like a number case on deal or no deal waiting for the right contestant.
I’m like a friendship bracelet being made with each strand.
I’m like a pencil drawing a picture worth a thousand words.
I’m like a adult thinking I know everything.
I’m like a crayon coloring outside the lines.
I’m like a sticker sticks but doesn’t stay.
I’m like a teenager thinking I’m in love.
I’m like a diabetic still eating the sweets.
I’m like a ghost whose spirit never dies.
I’m like a door waiting for the right key.
I’m like the war fighting the battle.
I’m me and that’s all I’ll ever be.

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem when i feeling down and not knowing who i was and after finishing this poem i knew i was just me and thats all i'll ever be

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