June 30, 2010
By Solo_DoloKidd BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Solo_DoloKidd BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
" Dont worry about life, your not going to survive it anyway." Unknown
" Carpe Diem...." RIP Mr celi.. " Dont worry be happy.." Bob Marley

Life is such a beautiful thing but its hard to embrace when you got a low self esteem.

Everyday you try to flow with the world like water in a stream. But you start to question if life is just one big scheme.

Thats when you get caught up shore. Staring at the sky with dirty water in your pores.

And you cant talk, the salt water leaves a permanet taste. Like a bad memory in your head that you cant erase.

But the beautie of earth inspires you to speak out. Like a young preacher learing how to be loud.

And thats when you fall. When you think your peak has arrived. The life monster steals your package and satan gives him a high five.

This is life. Some people reach for gods hand. Others put their faith in man.

When that time comes for me, ill be ready. What will your decision be?

The author's comments:
i typed this in my blackberry while i layed in my bed. It came out right off the top of my head. Like that! What inspired me was just how life is, in general and how i believe people should approach it. Three letters...God!

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