Violence is everywhere

June 30, 2010
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Violence is everywhere
just last week my friend died
his mother cried saying that god lied
he was supposed to protect her son her only son

his homies couldn't cry nither did i
cause we cannot cry in funerals no more
because he was not the first that we knew that died not even the tenth

we try to cry but nothing camed out
it dosent feel like the first time it never does
every time a friend dies i feel less pain and less emotion
i ask myself whats wrong with me why cant i cry any more
my mom asked me the same i told her boys dont cry she said youre right men cry

in my dreams i see me all alone in this funeral looking at this casket
and in each dream i get closer to this wooden oak casket
and bout time i get closer to see the persons face i wake up

my teachers and my principal tells me that i have a future but i dont know
cause i've seen so many smart people die it's like im next

i want to live i love life im just convinced that it's trying to murder me
violence is every where so i ask you if you she the future ask it am i there

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bakedbeans said...
Aug. 12, 2010 at 10:30 pm
please give feedback on my work thanks!!!
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