The Cure

June 29, 2010
By AbstractArtist101 SILVER, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
AbstractArtist101 SILVER, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"You can make a thousand guesses about what will happen next, but in reality, there's only one outcome."

If you feel as if your life has been painted black,
Then paint the sky pink.
If you don’t have any pink paint,
Then get a bunch of fuchsia tulips
and toss them into the sky.
If they miss the sky,
Then ask the sun to suspend them on strings.
If the sun is covered in a blanket of clouds,
Then call a crow on his cell phone
and tell him to push them away.
If he doesn’t answer,
Then have optimism for once.

If there is not even a glimmer of happiness in you,
Then ask a robin to sing.
If he doesn’t understand English,
Then find an interpreter.
If there is no one who understands,
Then sing yourself a song.
If that song remains negative,
Cut the dead flowers from your life
and plant new blooms.

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