June 29, 2010
By Anonymous

There has never been a better feeling.
Sweet, tangible light envelops me.
Fills me.
Oh, to feel such elation!
To finally face the light!
Pieces of me, the earthly body,
float away to mingle with everything.
The sunlight.
The streams.
The people.
The plants.
The sky.
Yes, shadows too.
My soul is left to fall in the light.
But it will never fall through.
For this light will catch it,
and croon all my worries away.
It will love all darkness from me,
cleanse all hesitation.
And I will feel no more pain.
Farewell, life.
Though, we'll never truly say goodbye.
I'll be part of everything forever.
As my soul lies in repose in this untainted heavenly light.

The author's comments:
just thoughts.
a bit based upon phillip pulman's idea of becoming a part of everything.

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