When Will It Stop?

June 29, 2010
Words being flung
In all directions
Accusations being screamed
At each other
Feelings being hurt
Hearts being shattered
This is the new norm
In my house
Constant yelling
And blaming
No one willing
To own up
To their mistakes
Wish I didn’t have to hear it
Didn’t have to see it
When I stepped
In the door
My world
Is crumbling
And shattering
Before my very eyes
And I can’t control
Who says the next word
Who starts the next fight
Who screams and turns red
Who walks out the door first
And leaves me behind

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leneypanini said...
Jul. 21, 2010 at 8:38 pm
this is really heartfelt<3 it's angry, yet sympathetic, and very emotional. i like it:) keep writing!
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