Dear World

June 17, 2010
people tell me that life is easy
did they forget the others 
did they forget I have seen poverty
what about the deads mothers

I was told to live life to the fullest
I'm living now is all that matters 
when I can live freely I'll do my best
to include the people equal to 0 in these factors

there is a father hitting a girl
the mother watches with a pill
the girl was the cause of their world
now their out for blood, out to kill

they watch their flesh fall apart
she grows older with no one to love
she scratched herself as well as her heart
love is a pain that was given from above

Now she is alone, no parents around
she has takin care of her sorrows
she bends down to kiss the ground
where she is free to take without borrows

a woman stolen from her home
beaten and bruised
all she can think is I am alone
she always was used

breaks free from her ties
throws the chair on her fears
she sees the beauty of truth in all lies
she now walks with dignity, not tears

I was told to live like a queen
how can I walk the streets now
knowing what I do may be mean
I may offend those who are asking how

I live a life of regret and shame
I'll break free tomorrow of my ropes
I'll make the next move on my game
I'll be me with new advice and real hopes 

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PlasicSmileElizabeth said...
Jul. 23, 2010 at 5:33 am
I Loved loved loved this poem. But could you please explain this line to me? "what about the deads mothers"
sleeplessdreamer said...
Jul. 21, 2010 at 12:21 pm

I really like this one. I love the message. The only criticism I have is the flow was weak. I had to strain to hear the beat to the rhyming. I love when things rhyme, but you should work on the flow of how you present it. Thanks for posting it. It's got a great story to it.


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