The Dove

June 17, 2010
The world
We all want to explore the world
But behind the glamour of others
Lies the truth of all the ends
Only found if one digs deep he shall discover
The world isn’t round
The world isn’t a proud place to be
The truth of our planet is
The world is as dark as the people that claim it
The world is as angry as those to destroy it
The world is as sad as those who abuse it
The dark future here is
The world is dieing, as are we all
Gods in the heavens are waiting for our fall
They made us like this no matter what one would say
They gave us violence to fight in their honor
They gave us our minds to think as our own
They gave us civilization so we could destroy all
They gave us the world
Or so we think
The world is dieing, as are we all
The world

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YellowStar24 said...
Jul. 21, 2010 at 5:23 pm
very good! i like the honesty, i could feel the emotion leaping off the page! the last verse was a little shaky but other than that i totlay loved it :)
DaithicCavanAisling replied...
Jul. 21, 2010 at 6:56 pm
thanks, means alot :)
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