The Death of Me

June 17, 2010
By Anonymous

I awoke
in his
loving arms
my chest falling
in parttern
with his
i felt
his hand
on my
lower stomach
i feel
his head
above mine.

i sit up
to look at
his lovely face
he looked in pain
his shut with a force
i touched his eyes
ran patterns over
his cheeks
but he didnt wake
i shoke him
and shoke him
then i screamed
i got up
i lost my voice
i couldnt see anything
i got lost in a black hole
my body went numb
his mom came in
she screamed
i couldnt believe it
for the love of my life
my true best friend died.

its been seven months
i havent done a single thing
my guitar has collected dust
my pastels have sat there
i see noone
i feel nothing
my heart doesnt race
my mind doesnt wonder
i dont sleep
i dont eat
i failed the year
i failed my life
i gave up

he was my everything
the one thing
i couldnt live without
and now that i am
it is like he was
the death of me
taking with him
the one thing
that made me
my soul

The author's comments:
this is inspired by the lost of jacob ryan

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