on the inside

June 17, 2010
There are things in this world
that i cant see
things in the world
that are foreign to me
love is like
a farway tree
out of reach
seeing beauty everywhere
is something i
am blind to
happiness is a lock box
buried under layers of soil
that i cant see to dig up
pleasure is something
that is in a
different world then mine

these things i cant find
these are far away

but he sees them in me
on this fake mask i wear
he sees the girl
he wants to save
from a world
full of pain
but i run and hide
he chases me down
and turns me around
changing the me
inside and out
as i look into
his familar green eyes
i see the person
he saw inside me

the girl that was
scared of anything
that could come close
to her heart
a girl that hide herself away
from people
he found me
and i found him

now as i stand here
and say my vows
i know he cares
tears in our eyes
all the things we went threw
playing like a movie
i say i do
he does to

today i take his last name
today i become the person
i was on the inside.

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