Beautiful Weed

June 17, 2010
By LucindaRie SILVER, Everett, Washington
LucindaRie SILVER, Everett, Washington
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Oh, beautiful weed,
Why must you keep returning to me?
I have tried to keep you away
In every possible way
But, you are relentless!
I have pulled you from the Earth,
Dug out your every root,
And tried every poison there is,
But, you keep coming back.
You, the enchanting beauty,
That punishes me for looking.
You who burns my heart with desire,
But, blesses me with blindness.
I cannot rid myself from you!
Why must you be so persistent?
Be you a pleasantry, or pain
I do not know!
But, I wish you gone!
The images you project into my feeble mind
Torture me with your games of happiness.
My eyes feel your burden,
See your crimson dripping petals,
Your sickly green leaves,
And your misshapen thorns.
Yet, my soul longs for every minute,
Every second that I might catch a glimpse
Of your brutal beauty.
My heart grows weary with this never ending chase.
So, here, I succumb to you.
I lay down my weapons of defense,
My shovel, my blades, my hands are tied.
It is pointless to fight the unstoppable.
Before my eyes, my cursed eyes, you grow,
You twist your thorns around my withered waist,
But I do not struggle.
If this is survival of the fittest,
You have surely won.
Your crimson petals began to weep,
Dripping your bloodied dew,
Your acidic tears.
Your being began to shake,
Shake with the anticipation of an army,
An army of war hungry beasts,
Awaiting the first taste of prey.
Your spores laced with the purest death,
Fall upon me like snowflakes in a calm night.
I tilt my head back gently,
Ignoring your thorns embedding into my flesh,
I part my fading red lips,
And let your crimson dew,
Replenish my color,
And your deathly spores fill my hunger.
For, I only wished, I was no longer.
I felt the grotesque fibers stick against my throat,
But refused to scream.
In quiet sobs, I choked it down,
Where it soon dissolved.
I drew in a deep breath,
Filling my body to the limit,
With the clean air.
With my last breath,
I exhaled your poison,
And you began to wither.
Your leaves turned to a dry brown,
My fingertips faded to white.
Your petals swayed gently to the ground,
My pink lips faded until they were pale.
Your thorns crumbled,
My mind collapsed.
There we lay, withered and dry.
Bleeding crimson,
Embraced by the Earth.

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