Enveloped in Gray

June 17, 2010
By LucindaRie SILVER, Everett, Washington
LucindaRie SILVER, Everett, Washington
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I walk these streets filled with endless sorrow,
All these souls that long to see the morrow,
Yet, wander unknowing of the costs to borrow,
What it will take to prevent them from feeling hollow.
The skies hang above me like dark shadows, hiding all light,
Dreariness seeps into my skin, diving within, searching for my last ounce of might,
There it finds my fear, exhaustion settles, fear trembles, how could I still fight?
I find myself enveloped in gray.
Breathing in all there is to breathe, the thickened atmosphere of mental smog
Our lives surrounded by the deep resonating sound of silent thoughts for so long,
We long to be free, long to hear what we are deaf to, see past the blinding fog,
Long to remember the colors, but what colors will we remember if what we see isn't wrong?
We are enveloped in gray.
Glazed distant eyes drift there non-existent focus to the ground,
Where the sands of time blow across the unfeeling feet waiting to be found.
In our minds, we are contained to unspoken laws, in our minds we are bound.
Those feet buried in and wrinkled by the sands of time, will not be found,
Enveloped in gray.

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