My Love

June 17, 2010
By LucindaRie SILVER, Everett, Washington
LucindaRie SILVER, Everett, Washington
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As rare as it may be in these times,

I find myself amazed at the thought that keeps crossing my mind.

I have been blessed with you, and to know you are mine,

That’s everything I could ever want.

It’s hard to describe without using words like divine,

But why bother when no words or rhymes can even begin to compare

With the feelings that only you can place within my heart.

Not just my heart,

My soul,

My being,

My mind,

Not a single strand of my being goes without feeling,

Your love each and every minute of every day.

I can’t explain why I try to measure,

What can’t be measured.

I’ve tried to use time,

But, how can you measure a feeling,

When it’s seemingly been there forever?

It has outlasted time, and continues to do so.

There is no beginning, there will be no end.

Love cannot be restricted by time.

Love can outlast these restrictions,

Laws will never be able to ban my feelings for you,

Rules with never overthrow my heart,

I know this because you already have it.

My heart is in your hands, my love.

It is yours to do with what you must,

But know that if you try to return it,

It will simply turn to dust.

For I know that it cannot survive without your love.

In your eyes, you reassure me that you understand,

No words have to be spoken,

No actions made,

For me to know,

You have given me the same.

You have control over my deepest feelings,

You can bruise me or break me,

Give me wings to reach for the stars,

Give me all I need to survive.

You are my everything.

One day,

I’ll shed this skin of gray,

I’ll show this world my true colors,

Which grow intense as time goes by,

And reveal that my heart is no longer mine.

But, my love, that day has yet to come,

Please, bear with me, stay with me

Through these times unyielding negativity.

Soon enough, we will have our time.

I know that we’ve already conquered so much,

How could we lay to rest all we have done?

If we stop now, that time will never come,

Please, love, let us survive,

Let our love see daylight,

Instead of lingering by moonlight’s side.

Time will always be passing,

No matter the choices made,

So let time guide us,

Let time be on our side,

Rather than making us fight for our lives.

Darling, dry your eyes, we will survive.

What can stop us now?

I know sometimes I find,

My heart is weighing me down,

Cause you’re not around,

And you’re not here,

Standing by my side.

But, I know when I’m free,

We’ll be together,

Without this uncertainty.

I see you growing weary of all I must put you through,

Know, with all my heart, I am sorry.

This is not some game I’m trying to play,

It’s not that I’m trying to stay away,

I can barely breathe without you,

My love, I miss you!

I’m no statue, and I’m not a hero,

I’m not invulnerable.

Forgive me for my weaknesses,

I don’t try to hurt you.

Sometimes it just seems tomorrow,

May never come soon enough.

I will try my best to keep from falling,

If I falter, please forgive me,

We both know it’s not easy,

But, let’s not make it harder.

If I have not reassured you,

That my love is true,

Let me say that I love you,

Only you,

You are my shining light,

You shine brighter than any stars in the night,

And make my dreams come true

Just by looking at you.

I could have wished upon a star a million times,

And I would have never saw,

What you have made me see.

My mind is set free,

Dear, don’t you see?

I love you,


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