The Worst Night Ever

June 16, 2010
By jared7893 SILVER, La Mesa, California
jared7893 SILVER, La Mesa, California
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The Worst Night Ever
As I sleep in my warm bed, something arises me.
As I peer through my door,
I notice something amiss in my house.
A stranger has entered in to my humble sanctuary without my permission.
The feeling was like being trapped in a cage,
With no hope of getting out.
The mysterious man came down the dark hallway slowly,
As if he knew I was in my room, scared.
Pretending to not be there, I threw the protective blanket over me,
Hoping that it would all end.
I soon realized that this was not going to end.
The man comes in, I stare him straight in his sinister eyes,
And as he comes to take me away,
I awaken from the dreadful nightmare.
The ordeal is over,
Until the next night comes and brings it back.

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