Devasting devils

June 16, 2010
By TiffanyMcRitchie BRONZE, Burlington, Other
TiffanyMcRitchie BRONZE, Burlington, Other
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I used to know the sweetest boy named Tommy,
So innocent, hardly introduced to this harsh world,
Had so much potential until he lost himself within a girl,
Thought by going with Tom she could start something new,
but no one suspected her intentions weren't true,
Found it hard to live with herself,
she destroyed her health along with robbing possessions and wealth,
A cold-hearted ****, but damn was she stealth
And a pretty liar, kept it secret that her love was for hire
So deprived from love he couldn't take a stand,
That night he shook hands with the devil,
She was the puppet master and him another brain washed rebel,
Got him to do his dirty work or others always took the blame,
Stuck with each other and slowly became insane,
Selling things of value to get drugs just to stop the twitching.
Feins and drop outs departed from friends and began snitchin',
Disillusioned in their minds, I think they even believe their lies were true
Now I walk right past them I don't know either of you

The author's comments:
I pray for both of you.

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