The Human Condition

June 16, 2010
By Fieldsofwind GOLD, Thousand Oaks, California
Fieldsofwind GOLD, Thousand Oaks, California
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Here we are in chemistry class. There's no chemistry in this room,'s an all-girls school and no one's brave enough to be lesbian.

In the season of today, in the sunshine of your youth
Do your bones feel old and broken?
Your cheeks are caving in and your eyes have lost their light
You look so empty, carved and cut, ready to be served
Practically senile.
Kissing away your sanity, opening up your eyes
Burning off the cataracts with the bright light of the stars
Hollowing out your soul to understand your world
Are you dead to the world, even now?

What if there is no God?
What if we're all wrong?
The sorry servants of our whims, the willing subordinates to what never existed
Believers of nothing when there's no reason to believe
Other than the need for hope to drown out all our fear.
What happens when we die?
The closest I get isn't close at all.
Laying in the grave
Unfeeling, desecrated, naked to the sky
The worms and bugs are creeping in, loosening your veins from out your skin
And you'll never know what death feels like…you're dead and don't give a damn.

But suppose that there is a God
To take us from out these shells
Cheaply manufactured bodies for nothing more than pleasure
We can't reach above our needs
Transcend the functions of humanity
The human condition ripped to shreds, pieced back together by our want for better times
Reverted to the same old ways, all the things we have displayed
Through all our attempts for purity, we remain the same.
Will God still want us? This is our chance
This life is nothing more than eternal purgatory
Until we learn to change our ways
Hide in emptiness because it's safe
There's no guarantee that we're desired
All our lonely prostitutes and liars
Hating and bleeding for the sake of seeing
What we think is true.

The author's comments:
There's no way to tell what's right or wrong. That's very generic. I chide myself.

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