A Rampaging Revolution

June 16, 2010
By Pr1nc3ss BRONZE, Clarksville, Arkansas
Pr1nc3ss BRONZE, Clarksville, Arkansas
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I look around and all I see are snarling vultures feeding off the weak. Breaking them down as much as possible until they're virtually vaporized.

One lifestyle, one choice can change all of this. A word thrown around, but with the true meaning can fix all this madness...

Love. Love can change the self-esteem of so many beautiful young women that think they'll never amount to anything. Love can take the cold, biting knife away from the wrists of so many teenagers in this screwed up world. It can change anything. One word can start this revolution. One single action. Love, is the movement.

The author's comments:
So many friends of mine have suffered through depression and I want to help people understand that they can help it.

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