Glide Reflection

June 16, 2010
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Slipping through the trees
Scratching the knees
That bruise and bleed
Running past the branches
See him and your heart catches
Just snags on a broken limb
And you’re stuck there just staring at him
You honestly aren’t sure
Whether you should move or not
Aren’t sure if you want him to see you
So you stand there staring
Not even blinking
Just taking him in
But then he looks at you
And you quick look away
A mad dash for anywhere but here
A short cut and you’d take it
If only one would appear
You wish your stupid heart
Hadn’t gotten snagged
By the broken down tree
Screaming in the shade
But there’s nothing you can do now
Except to glide on home
Hide in the shadows
Just remembering the colors his eyes
Shot out at you from your hiding place.
And you didn’t think he would notice.

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