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June 16, 2010
By deamonswarrior24 BRONZE, Chocolate City, Virginia
deamonswarrior24 BRONZE, Chocolate City, Virginia
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you cant see it on her face
you cant hear it in her voice
shes fine on the outside
but inside shes bleeding
surronded by people
yet she feels so alone
no ones there
to help her when she falls
tonight she leaves a not to her mother
written in red sitting next to
the blade that holds the ink
her mom finds her in her room
shes not moving no longer breathing
her mom reads the note
and bursts in to tears
the next day a moment
of silence in her name
a school full of mourning students
a funeral home so full
poeple lined up on the walls
if only she couldve seen
how much she meant to everyone
how much they realy cared
maybe shed still be here today
so what would you do
what would you say
if she was here today
eould you tell her how much you care
or jus let her walk away
would you hold her close
and tell her you love her
would uoi do anything to bring her back
would you do anything to keep her here
what would you do if you could see her one last time
if you had one last dance
one last chance
so tell me what would you do

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