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June 16, 2010
By arharrison GOLD, Girardville, Pennsylvania
arharrison GOLD, Girardville, Pennsylvania
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"Friendship is love with out his wings!" "never leave the one you love,for the one you like."

please stand there and watch me burn,i love way it feels
as my skin is being inked for life with all the lies I have been told for year,
its a little tiny world with little tiny people,watching as I walk on water,
even thou most of you wish I would fall as I run trying to free my self for this places you call earth,
my body feels as if I am walking on air,if I tell my self I am does that mean I should belive it
or be like the rest of you,
just sitting in a small creep house full of horrable tails
that keep the small childeren awake,
they lay in bed wondering if they close their eyes will I slit their eye-lid,
As I keep awalking on air higher then anyone will ever know,you can keep stairing in the mirror wishing you where a barbie doll,
when no one love you,you become your bestfriend,and the only person you trust is your self.

you know no one can save you from your self or the small cold world we know as home,
some of you may see me as a sick twisted person
with do to the way I think about cutting your tounge out of your month every time I hear your vioce or the way,
I think about locking you in box and throwing out the key,jsut keeping a picture of it on my arm,
if my world in my head came to a end who would help you then...

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