Miles and Maria

June 16, 2010
By TheSoulFulOne BRONZE, Dowagiac, Michigan
TheSoulFulOne BRONZE, Dowagiac, Michigan
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Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night,
I lie in my bed, staring up at my darkened ceiling
And I think of you

I think of all the things we had,
What we could have had,
And what we could have been

I think of all the love we shared,
All the love we made

I remember when we were teenagers,
That night on the beach,
How we made love in the shadows by the pier
Under Neath the moon and the stars
How the world was our audience, free to watch us, if they dared

Those were the fun times, when life seemed so care free
When I look back on those times,
I ask myself what the hell happened
How times have changed

All the things we did, times we shared and, memories we made
We used to be so close, hand and hand, inseparable
I remember how you used to always sneak
Through my bedroom window late at night,
How we used to cuddle up under Neath the covers and just talk for hours,
I can still remember the smell of your
I can remember how your body used to feel,
When I used to hold you,
Your skin so soft, your body so warm

I look back on those times,
And I realize how foreign they seem
Compared with now-a-days

A world that used to feel full of innocence and adventure,
Is now filled with worry and caution
The world in which we grew up
Is no longer there, just fading memories of what used to be

I remember us holding hands and walking,
On one of the old paths through the woods,
We ended up getting lost in the middle of nowhere,
We watched the sunrise that day,
We had our first kiss and I told you I loved you
And you did the same

I look back on all the silly little things we used to do.
We could have had it all you and I,

I remember the first date we ever went on together,
We had always been friends ever since childhood,
But for some reason that night was different for us,
We didn’t laugh like we normally did,
I seen you in a different way that night,
We weren’t just friends any more
So how we had become more then friends,
Somehow we had taken that step over that little invisible line
One side friends, the other something more,

I remember how we used to always walk home from school together,
How we used to talk on the phone,
About whatever it was that we had forgotten
To tell each other during the day’s events,

Sometimes we wouldn’t talk much at all
Sometimes we’d call each other on the phone
Before we went to bed, just to hear each other voices before we drifted off to sleep

Those were the times before you learned how to climb through my window
Those were the times when were still children
At a time when childhood meets adolescence

I remember how we used to play on the playground equipment
In our neighborhood when we were small children,
While our parents use to talk about whatever
it was that had happened during their work days,

We used to always imagine what it would be like when were grown-ups
How you used to always want to be a teacher, while I always wanted to be firemen

I remember when we first met you and I,
My family had just moved in to the neighborhood
Right across from where you and your family lived,

Your parents welcomed us into the neighborhood
Our parents quickly became friends, they introduced us,

I remember how you had boldly and bravely stated how your name was Maria
And how I had shyly whispered how my name was miles
Our parents laughed at your bravery and boldness and at my apparent shyness

And that was the beginning of everything

The author's comments:
when i wrote this peom i was in a major free verse mood. i wanted to write the type of peom that i would wanna read.

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