June 16, 2010
Once I Was a Sky
Without The Stars.
An Unnoticed
Hollow Existence.
I Was Like The Moon Without Sun,
An Over-sized Pebble In The Sky..
I Was The Ocean
Without Waves,
A Steady Body Of Water
Without The Calming Illumination
Of Sounds
To Keep The World At Peace.
I Am A Bird
Without A Voice
That Will Forever Go Unnoticed
Like Angels In The Sky.
But You Are Stars,
That Keeps The Sky's Beautiful,
Forever Noticed.
You Are The Giant Pebbles Sun,
Which Shows The Mans True Face,
You Are Waves Of Peace
That Flow Through My Body,
You Are My Voice,
An Angel In My Eyes,
That Will Forever Fly,
In The Skies Of My Heart,
But Most Of All,
Are You.

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