The Poetic Mind

June 16, 2010
Look inside my poetic mind.
Look real hard and I'm sure you'll find,
a man trapped behind enemy lines,
where holding a pen is the only crime.

Look Inside His Poetic Mind.
a pen And a Journal Is All You'll Find.
where the pen is my gun, and the book is my shield.
I do Not Shoot, and i do not wield.
for if i did you would understand,
why i am still holding this pen in my hand.

look inside my poetic mind.
where his soul is the only kind.
there is no such thing as a human race.
you can tell the history of a man, looking at there face.
through a mans face will you find the past.
through that mans face you'll find nothing but trash.
through his face you'll find nothing but sad,
a man who lived without a dad.
but through my face, you'll find something,
but in this world that something is nothing.
He is so good at hiding it all,
he holds everything close, as if it were to fall.

look inside my poetic mind.
I'll tell you I'm different.
that I'm the only kind.
I'll tell you if you take the "F" out of Life
you'll be living a lie.
and surely you'll believe me at those times.
But if you look inside your poetic mind..
I'm sure you'll see, We are all of one kind,
and the "F" isn't so hard to find.
Just never
get trapped
in your
poetic mind.

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