Glory Fades

June 16, 2010
As i walk through
a town, that used to be
all i knew, i realize.

At the field, down the street
from my house,
I spent most of my time there.

The Pizza place,
across the street from my house
I spent everyday after school
in fifth grade there.

That Pharmacy across the
street from the Diner
down the road from the Library.
Where I walked with my friends,
wasting time.

The school
that i cried for
when i graduated on to
Middle School
where i spent six years
of my life.

This town that I know so well,
that I held on to so tight,
then just let go with both hands.

I moved on, leaving everyone
and everything i knew

This place had so much
when i grew up here

Now in the dead of winter
I realized as I walk through
this town

The glory is once held so dear,
Has faded.

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