She and He

June 23, 2010
By Cathleen Kenney BRONZE, Pomona, New York
Cathleen Kenney BRONZE, Pomona, New York
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She was picking out the perfect lip gloss.

He was searching for the right proof.

She found coral pink.

He found Bacardi 151.

She met some friends at the movies.

He went to his room and drank alone.

Jason finally called her.

Hannah found someone new.

She had a dog, a pool, and a little brother.

He had nothing left to lose.

She wanted to make it home by curfew.

He wanted to end it all.

She got in her car, a graduation gift.

He found his beat up Chevy.

She stopped at each stop sign and every red light.

He ran a few, in a hurry towards the bridge.

Their lives met at a cross roads.

She never deserved to die.

He slammed on the breaks, but not fast enough.

She saw her life go by.

He waited in the hospital, stitches on his leg, for news of a girl he never knew, and punishment for his mistake.

She didn’t make it.

He went to jail.

Her family mourned.

His was never there.

She prayed for him in heaven.

He couldn’t believe what he’d done.

She sang the song of angels, as he carefully loaded the gun.

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