Thoughts of a mortal Soul

June 23, 2010
By Medfaa4Evaa BRONZE, Methuen, Massachusetts
Medfaa4Evaa BRONZE, Methuen, Massachusetts
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My grandma wrote this- "Yesterday's dried leaves, crackle underneath my quickstep, as i hurry on".

Thoughts of a Mortal soul.!
Blackness all around me,
Surrounding my ever-so pure being,
Darkness, draining my everlasting soul,
Depleting my chi,
My body, goes numb,
As my soul floats to the ever-so blue sky.

My body, a shrine, for all pedstrians to c.
with his blue shining eyes,
a sad sight, for him, and all to c.

Sad thoughts, crowd my viewers thoughts, as
i am put to rest,
in my casket, i go.
My body, a memory, for all to c.
Salty tasteless tears, drip carelessly, onto my decaking rotting body.

May this be a memory, only for the fate of heart.
My death, a memory, not to be cried over, but to become imbraced.
Death, is always treated, as sorrow, sadness, and tears.
No mortal realizes, the risks some people take, especially when they r in luv.

The author's comments:
I worte this piece, because it symbolizes, the fact of just how stupidwe are as mortals. The extents we will go to for our one true loves.

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