Always the Same Girl

June 23, 2010
By caitybaby64 SILVER, Encinitas, California
caitybaby64 SILVER, Encinitas, California
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I flopped out of bed, nerves awake,
Never really knowing what exactly was at stake,
Put on floral attire, combed my combed hair,
Knowing that making me go wasn’t fair,
Alarm rang early, should have still been asleep,
But I was a Lucky Charm if you are what you eat.
I modeled down the stairs, as I do now and then,
First time on my own, myself I’d defend,
Before my worries were about grades, clothes, and men,
I was naïve, nervous, ancy, my first day of Kindergarten.
My actions that day sort of define who I am,
Quiet but defiant, I stuck it to the man,
Never wore matching socks, and now I don’t wear shoes,
I’m always nervous and ancy to try something new,
I didn’t so much care, what people thought,
And when given the choice, it was good friends that I sought.
I’m still the same girl, with more shoes and less time,
I still like to play, and I still love to rhyme,
My favorite subject is English, as it has always been,
I’m a wiz at Cribbage, and an expert at gin,
With my hair thrown back, anklets on my shins,
Throw myself into work, occasionally walk on pins,
I’m overly obsessed, with mexican food and the beach,
Playing the Music on my guitar, for the stars I reach,
I never watch movies scarier than Disturbia,
And I go very stir crazy stuck at home in suburbia,
I care about fashion, which is something new,
And only watch TV, when I have nothing better to do,
I worry too much, but I relax and tree climb,
I attempt to surf and attempt to slackline,
I love Romeo and Juliet, music, and life,
I’m happy to live and one day be a wife,
But I want to live large, love life, see the world,
I feel older than just a 15 year old girl,
I’m a California girl, but Israeli and Scottish by blood,
I love to get all dressed up, and play in the mud,
My personality is hard to describe, but a little kooky and weird,
I’m embarrased to say rocking chairs are my biggest fear,
I’m still much of the same girl, I was that first day,
I was described as confident, which has always stayed,
I love all my friends, as I did back then,
And my family from my cousins to my uncle Ken,
It’s still the same, I just stand a little taller,
Though sometimes, I admit, my cordination is smaller,
But even though I’ve grown, and so has my world,
In my heart I see myself as the same little girl

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on Jul. 20 2010 at 7:42 pm
caitybaby64 SILVER, Encinitas, California
7 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
"Oh! The places you'll go..."- Dr. Suess


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