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June 23, 2010
By hazle1eyes SILVER, Greenfield, New Hampshire
hazle1eyes SILVER, Greenfield, New Hampshire
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one look in the mirror can change how you see things and how you live your life

What is life thou not taken by your own flesh hand,
When thing get hard.

What is love if not so sanctuary; it speaks to you in total silence
Deteriorates my soul to ash

The wind picks me up because I’m broken
Because you kicked me out the door and said I hate you.

I tried to looked up to you

I had No one,

You were supposed to be there for me, but you weren’t.

Because you were weak, I am now weak and I seek to find strength

You left me with self pity.

I only hope now things might get better for me, only everyday usual brings me more to struggle with.

I am never at peace just in peaces for others to do with me what they want

Like the key board I type on I am told what to do and when to do and how to do it

When I am not able I am disabled and given to one who wants me or shipped away to be fixed.

Why do you ask questions, get to know me if you don’t care about me.

You’re not ready to take the role and be good parents

You couldn’t treat me as I matter or Respect me.

Instead you abused me and controlled me.

And yet alone you still have the nerve to say I Love you.

You betrayed my trust and now you can’t have me.

Sadly I can’t take back, what I have already handed out.

I have to keep moving if I want to be a survivor.

Hate and anger comes first over takes how I truly feel.

(Sad, alone, hurt, not accepted, Worthless)

I have been exploited.

My true feelings are bottled up

And the pain can bring me crashing to the ground

Without a set of gentle hand to fall into.

Someone to give comfort with respect

all that one would need to feel whole again.

I will keep living strong

And stay a survivor

Because I can decide what I do when I do and how I do It

But most importantly who I want to become.

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