June 23, 2010
By mehul vithlani GOLD, Mwanza, Other
mehul vithlani GOLD, Mwanza, Other
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Breath gets caught and then released,
Man takes birth and then dies.
Flowers spring out and then cuddle in and wrap up in mortification,
Sounds are heard then slowly they fade away.
Money comes and washes out of your destiny,
What stays behind is your name and reputation which you bear on your head with full pride.
A car speeds up and suddenly slows down,
Once love has embraced your soul you can never let it unfurl into darkening shadows that could haunt you for the rest of your life.
All, all is controlled by you, God or your destiny.
Life itself is a list of equations which you have to solve;
Believe in yourself and ask God to help you solve this huge puzzle which you carry around as a burden in life;
Once solved, everything will become as clear as the shimmering waters of the earth where all the worldly sins are washed yet it still remains as crystal clear, transparent and as blue as it was…

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