Sisters Beneath the Moonlight

June 23, 2010
By CarolineMata GOLD, Fresno, California
CarolineMata GOLD, Fresno, California
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I held her hand as she held hers,
and she held another's and she held another's,
so that we were all bound with together fingures twirled.
And we ran and we danced.
And we laughed and we gasped,
for this was the season of all nature girls,
fashioned in ribbons, leaves, flowers, and curls.
Some of us hollerd, most of us sang.
Some passed around bread, most gathered and drank.
As the night looked on so joyous with sight,
os celebrating sisters beneath the moonlight.
Then she cast the circle, the rest silent and still,
and recognized the North,south, West and East,
asking for blessing, strength and peace,
all from some greater mighty will.
Then the wind swirled and the lake rippled,
while the flame seduced and the trees giggled.
And I smiled and weaped in both comfort and grief,
for it was all over as we spoke in unity,
closing the holiday with the words,"Blessed Be."
And I know the bond with the earth grew more tight,
because of the faith of sisters beneath the moonlight.

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finished July 14, 2009

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