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Broken World

June 23, 2010
By yoshi332 BRONZE, Jonesboro, Georgia
yoshi332 BRONZE, Jonesboro, Georgia
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Prison cells and chains entangle the brain
while television and the media make the mass insane.
The dumb have become the norm while the smart became the lame
Now the politics of the world will never be the same.
There needles injecting poison in the weak and the poor
Making concoctions and dieseases never heard of before
Broken glass and shatered lives
raped kids and beaten wives
I wish the world could change but wont be done by I
Me alone cant change world, I tried that before
You try to pitch ideas to the dealer and the whore.
I dont understand, I drop to knees to pray
I even called His name and nothing he did say.
Then I even went to church to confess of our sin
But the pastor had a boy inside , man I cant win
Our lives our meaningless without goals or drive
But with this dirty world and life its like im being buried alive
I try to be a model for kids and clean up the hood
But i know i cant fall like vick . oj, or woods.
I was born with the idea that I was to meant to fall
But I was raised with the idea better the world for all

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