Fly Stuck in the Web

June 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Once you're stuck there's no escaping.
The more you struggle
The harder it is to move.
It won't be long until you
Won't be able to feel your arms,
Or your legs,
Won't be long until you go numb.
Until this blanket of death
Suffocates your body,
Smothering your insides
Until there is nothing left of you.
The only way you can survive is if
He decides to spare you.
If he, the maker of this death trap,
Thinks you are not worthy of his appetite,
Thinks you are nothing and are of no use to him.
Or he may insist on saving you for later,
Waiting for you to die.
So he may feel upon the remains of you.
Feed upon your suffering and pain.
Feed upon your hopes and dreams
Which were once alive and free,
But now empty and hollow.
Just like a fly stuck in a web.

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