Natural Occurrences

June 22, 2010
By expr3ssurself BRONZE, Lee&#39s Summit, Missouri
expr3ssurself BRONZE, Lee&#39s Summit, Missouri
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It’s like a whispery wind
Tickling my fingertips
And sunshine pouring down
Warming all the earth
Raindrops falling from the sky
And signaling the start of a storm
Nature’s way
Of telling us
Everything’s going to be okay
And when there’s a fight
Between two seasons
Winter and spring
Summer and fall
It will always find a way
To work things out
Because Nature is consistent
And humans are not
We may die
And our bodies decompose
But the sky will still be there
And all the plants too
They will continue to grow
As if we were never even there
Because Nature doesn’t need people
It was doing just fine before we came along

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