For We Are All Blind

June 22, 2010
By circlesneverend- SILVER, Fiskdale, Massachusetts
circlesneverend- SILVER, Fiskdale, Massachusetts
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"Breathe for love tomorrow."

The love that's longed for lays broken on the floor
The memories once cherished float out the door
Footprints on the heart; forever imprinted
Windows on the mind; tinted
Locked up in chains, hidden far away
The heart bleeding a beat to make you stay
From the eyes, escapes a silent plea
Leaving a track of the sweetest melody; saddest poetry
A butterfly beats its wings in harmony
A crescendo at those eyes so green
Fingertips caressing tingling skin
Wondering if a love like this will find its way into my heart again
Painted in front of the eyes, a portrait so dear
Like a magnet, you draw me near
The head screams objection; the heart otherwise
Ready to burst from the abundance of goodbyes
The ground flies from beneath me
Leaving a trail of dust and debris
The feet carry me far away; away from this godforsaken town
The love that's longed for; let it drown
The meaning of love, unknown to mankind
For we are all blind

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