please knock down this wall so i can see who loves me

May 31, 2010
By lilyxoxo GOLD, Springfeild, Massachusetts
lilyxoxo GOLD, Springfeild, Massachusetts
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love last forever as long as you dont lie or try to hide

Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down. so i wait here wondering what kind of fate will soon be found. i will lightly smile when i see my savoir's face. if you climb over i will try to meet your pace. and meet you half way to desiny ontop of the mountain i call my life.when we reach the top i will finally know who cares enough to let it show. but so far no one has shown the fate i am waitin for. they all look up and just decide to go home. my tears slowly fall as i look out my tiny window to wait everyone i've loved stop. but then wait them slowly walk away cause they dont have enough faith to belive im really inside. as i sit there on my stool im alone is what im starting to find. then i look up to the sky my hands drenched in the tears i've slowly felt and cried. as my eye open i see the love of my life smile slowly start to apear. i blink in fear that i am getting visions from my tears. i run to the wall that has been there my whole life. waiting for the person brave enough to show me their face. i look up and cry my life has been found and at the weirdest pace. not only do i consider my savoir my friend. but family has i climb to meet half way. no one has ever had the guts to not make a fuss. and for that my life, my heart, my soul is in your hands guild till the wind can guild me again. because before that wall came up almost 3 or 4 years ago i could fly. but only with you by my side so as you realize your new victory. i hope you'll take my hand and lead me from this place to a world were two hearts can become one. but still have lots of fun.

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