Love for a Woman

May 31, 2010
By Anonymous

This world is cursed
Cursed with pain
Pain caused by soul-less beings
People who take your heart and crush it
Are all women like this?

She'll look at you and smile
Show her beautiful white teeth
Purse her lips in thought
her eyes will light up at the thought of you
she’ll tell her friends how great you are
Does she mean it?

The way she plays with her hair makes you smile
Makes you want her more
want to hold her in your arms
Want to feel her soft embrace
Feel your hand on her delicate face
Are all men fools for this?

She tells you she loves you
Tells you that she could never leave you
That the she couldn't hurt you
That the pain would kill her
Tell you that she'll be with you forever
Tell you that you make her happier than anyone else ever could
Is it all lies?

Then the day comes when she leaves you
When she leaves you on the doorstep
Leaves you in pieces
Leaves your bloodied heart on the floor
How could she do this?
Everything she said was a lie!
She didn't love you!
The pain hasn't killed her!
How could she do this?

As you stand there
Staring blindly
Your heart and soul in pieces
Strewn across the floor
You realise love is blind
It doesn't always work out
Sometimes it isn't meant to be
But we all live for the hope that we might find love
That that special girl will love us back
That she won't kill out hearts
That it’ll be safe to love her
What do I have to do to keep love?

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